The Lotus Set
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Size Guide
The Omni SetOmniTaupe183
The Omni SetOmniClay283
The Omni SetOmniMidnight383
The Lotus SetLotusJade483
The Lotus SetLotusTaupe583
The Lotus SetLotusMidnight683
The Palm SetPalmJade783
The Palm SetPalmClay883
The Palm SetPalmMidnight983
The Koa SetKoaJade1083
The Koa SetKoaMidnight1183
The Haven SetHavenLightSand1283
The Haven SetHavenJade1383
The Senna SetSennaJade1483
The Senna SetSennaMidnight1583
The Leila SetLeilaSandone-color1683
The Leila SetLeilaWalnutone-color1783
The Leila SetLeilaNoireone-color1883
The Aurora SetAuroraAshPinkone-color1983
The Aurora SetAuroraMauveone-color2083
The Aurora SetAuroraNoireone-color2183
The Nova SetNovaSageone-color2283
The Nova SetNovaHazelone-color2383
The Nova SetNovaNoireone-color2483
The Nova SetNovaLuminousone-color2583
The Sahara Setone-colorSaharaSet2683
Sahara Bra TopSaharaSet2783
Sahara Bra Topone-colorSaharaTieDyeSet2883
Sahara Biker Shortsone-colorSaharaTieDyeSet2983
Sahara Biker Shortsone-colorSaharaSet3083
The Sahara Setone-colorSaharaTieDyeSet3183
Aurora Bra TopAuroraNoire3283
Aurora Bra TopAuroraAshPink3383
Aurora Bra TopAuroraMauve3483
Aurora LeggingAuroraAshPink3583
Aurora LeggingAuroraNoire3683
Aurora LeggingAuroraMauve3783
Leila PulloverLeilaWalnut3883
Leila PulloverLeilaNoire3983
Leila PulloverLeilaSand4083
Leila PantsLeilaWalnut4183
Leila PantsLeilaSand4283
Leila PantsLeilaNoire4383
Nova Bra TopNovaNoire4483
Nova Bra TopNovaSage4583
Nova Bra TopNovaHazel4683
Nova Bra TopNovaLuminous4783
Nova LeggingNovaSage4883
Nova LeggingNovaNoire4983
Nova LeggingNovaHazel5083
The Omni SetOmniTaupe51/83
The Omni SetOmniClay52/83
The Omni SetOmniMidnight53/83
The Lotus SetLotusJade54/83
The Lotus SetLotusTaupe55/83
The Lotus SetLotusMidnight56/83
The Palm SetPalmJade57/83
The Palm SetPalmClay58/83
The Palm SetPalmMidnight59/83
The Koa SetKoaJade60/83
The Koa SetKoaMidnight61/83
The Haven SetHavenLightSand62/83
The Haven SetHavenJade63/83
The Senna SetSennaJade64/83
The Senna SetSennaMidnight65/83
The Leila SetLeilaSandone-color66/83
The Leila SetLeilaWalnutone-color67/83
The Leila SetLeilaNoireone-color68/83
The Aurora SetAuroraAshPinkone-color69/83
The Aurora SetAuroraMauveone-color70/83
The Aurora SetAuroraNoireone-color71/83
The Nova SetNovaSageone-color72/83
The Nova SetNovaHazelone-color73/83
The Nova SetNovaNoireone-color74/83
The Nova SetNovaLuminousone-color75/83
The Sahara Setone-colorSaharaSet76/83
Sahara Bra TopSaharaSet77/83
Sahara Bra Topone-colorSaharaTieDyeSet78/83
Sahara Biker Shortsone-colorSaharaTieDyeSet79/83
Sahara Biker Shortsone-colorSaharaSet80/83
The Sahara Setone-colorSaharaTieDyeSet81/83
Aurora Bra TopAuroraNoire82/83
Aurora Bra TopAuroraAshPink83/83
Aurora Bra TopAuroraMauve84/83
Aurora LeggingAuroraAshPink85/83
Aurora LeggingAuroraNoire86/83
Aurora LeggingAuroraMauve87/83
Leila PulloverLeilaWalnut88/83
Leila PulloverLeilaNoire89/83
Leila PulloverLeilaSand90/83
Leila PantsLeilaWalnut91/83
Leila PantsLeilaSand92/83
Leila PantsLeilaNoire93/83
Nova Bra TopNovaNoire94/83
Nova Bra TopNovaSage95/83
Nova Bra TopNovaHazel96/83
Nova Bra TopNovaLuminous97/83
Nova LeggingNovaSage98/83
Nova LeggingNovaNoire99/83
Nova LeggingNovaHazel100/83
Nova LeggingNovaLuminous101/83
Haven Cropped TopHavenJade102/83
Haven Cropped TopHavenLightSand103/83
Haven High-slit DressHavenLightSand104/83
Haven High-slit DressHavenJade105/83
Haven PantsHavenJade106/83
Haven PantsHavenLightSand107/83
Koa Bra TopKoaMidnight108/83
Koa Bra TopKoaJade109/83
Koa Biker ShortKoaJade110/83
Koa Biker ShortKoaMidnight111/83
Lotus Bra TopLotusJade112/83
Lotus Bra TopLotusMidnight113/83
Lotus Bra TopLotusTaupe114/83
Lotus LeggingLotusJade115/83
Lotus LeggingLotusTaupe116/83
Lotus LeggingLotusMidnight117/83
Omni Bra TopOmniMidnight118/83
Omni Bra TopOmniClay119/83
Omni Bra TopOmniTaupe120/83
Omni LeggingOmniTaupe121/83
Omni LeggingOmniMidnight122/83
Omni LeggingOmniClay123/83
Palm Bra TopPalmMidnight124/83
Palm Bra TopPalmClay125/83
Palm Bra TopPalmJade126/83
Palm LeggingPalmMidnight127/83
Palm LeggingPalmJade128/83
Palm LeggingPalmClay129/83
Senna Cropped TopSennaMidnight130/83
Senna Cropped TopSennaJade131/83
Senna PantsSennaJade132/83
Senna PantsSennaMidnight133/83

Classic ENVT silhouette. The ribbed areas allow for more stretch and flexibility, making the Lotus Set ideal for all types of workouts.

Bra Top Details:
- Triangle Bralette silhouette with slim straps
- V-neck design 
- Two-toned rib texture panel
- Hidden elastic under-band
- Removable padding for customized support
- Crafted from a combination of SS21 ribbed fabric and our trademark Enavance™ fabric

Bra Top Materials:
Fabric 1: 66% Nylon, 19% Polyester, 15% Spandex
Fabric 2: 77.5% Nylon, 22.5% Spandex
Fabric 3: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

Legging Details:
- High-rise and full-length
- Flatlock seam 
- Hidden wide waistband to smooth and sculpt the core
- Crafted from a combination of SS21 ribbed fabric and our trademark Enavance™ fabric

Legging Materials:
Fabric 1: 66% Nylon, 19% Polyester, 15% Spandex 
Fabric 2: 77.5% Nylon, 22.5% Spandex

*Model is 5'9", with a 32" bust, 24" waist & 35.5" hips - she wears size XS bra top and S legging.

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size guide
envt size xs s m l
UK/CAN 2-4 4-6 6-8 10-12
UK/AUS 6-8 8-10 10-12 14-16
FRANCE 34-36 36-38 38-40 42-44
GERMANY 32-34 34-36 36-38 40-42
ITALY 38-40 40-42 42-44 46-48
bra tops
envt size xs s m l
BUST 29-3174-79 31-3479-86 34-3786-94 38-4097-102
UNDER BUST 26-2766-69 28-2971-74 30-3176-79 32-3381-84
leggings / pants
envt size xs s m l
WAIST 23-2558-64 26-2866-71 28-3071-76 31-3379-84
HIP 32-3481-86 35-3789-94 37-3994-99 40-42102-107
INSEAM 2769 2871 2974 3076
envt size xs s m l
BUST 29-3174-79 31-3479-86 34-3786-94 38-4097-102
WAIST 23-2558-64 26-2866-71 28-3071-76 31-3379-84
HIP 32-3481-86 35-3789-94 37-3994-99 40-42102-107