Pearls and Biker Shorts

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Island Rhythm

Inspired by the enchanting aura of the island landscape, Island Rhythm envisions wondrous and colorful ambience through essential pieces and feminine silhouettes.

The collection takes inspiration from visual and sonic movements–the wind, water, and trees–that imbue moving life into the island’s mystic vigor.

Discover the exuberance of heaven-like seaside summers.

Earthy neutral tones are invigorated by vivid tones of red, splashes of blue, refreshing yellow and warm white, reminiscent of grounded island hues and the flowers that adorn the way.

This collection captures Enavant’s signature design–sporty yet feminine–through an effortless and comfort-driven philosophy of athleisure.

Experience the sensations of a summertime get- away brought to the urban life.

Dreaming in Waves

Infused with this season's favorite hues in ocean blue, apple green, Valencia orange, and lemon yellow - alongside our signature neutral palette, this collection embodies summertime exuberance.

Envision escaping to a coastal getaway where postcard-esque cliffs peppered with vibrant villas meet brilliant, azure waters - all a hazy dreamscape under a golden glow.

Weave through multicolored parasols, feel the baked sand between your toes, bicycle through sun-kissed streets lined with trinket-filled shops, and cool off at a local cafe, melted gelato dripping amidst spirited conversation.

True to our design vision, this collection showcases sporty yet feminine elements in effortless, comfort-driven athleisure pieces.

Expect quality and exceptional technical performance amongst our active styles while discovering unique textures, fresh fabrics, novel prints, and upgraded interpretations of bestselling silhouettes.

Spend this summer in the ‘Dreaming in Waves’ collection, breathing life into distanced dreams as well as turning your everyday into an urban oasis.