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Female-founded and run, ENVT is luxe athleisure and activewear curated for the modern woman.

Drawing inspiration from the French expression, ‘en avant’ - to move forwards, onwards, and ahead, ENVT was made with the vision of creating wardrobe essentials that allows for a seamless transition from work to work-outs.

Reflected in ENVT’s designs, our mission is to support your career and health journey, while not compromising style along the way.

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We want you to feel confident about your investment in our ENVT piece, and by following proper care instructions, keep them for the long haul.



From our atelier to you, the creation process at ENVT has been designed to produce the highest quality pieces made to last, because luxury shouldn’t be wasteful. We endeavor to optimize our production and design processes to minimize fabric and material waste during cutting, assembly, and quality-checking stages.


Each year, we produce two seasonal collections that come in small-batch orders, and capsule edition pieces in-between seasons available in limited quantities. This allows us to avoid over-producing and thus, surplus stock.


Recently, we’ve gone 100% recycled or biodegradable for our packaging materials. Moreover, the team at ENVT is continually working towards understanding the responsibility and impact on both our community and planet. We are committed to learning so that we can take the right actions in manifesting our sustainable intentions.


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Made by women, for women, we understand fabric that feels and performs great. Commited to sourcing the highest standards of technical materials, we spent two years perfecting our trademarked sportswear fabric, Enavance™. Spun from luxury fibers, Enavance™ boasts unrivaled performance standards as well as incredible, second-skin texture.

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